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Major Hazard Analysis

The Baker (explosion) nuclear test, which was carried out on 25 July 1946 at Bikini Atoll, was one of two nuclear detonations under Operation Crossroads, was the fifth nuclear weapon detonation in human history, and was the first ever...
The regulatory guide for reviewing the licensee's technical report for the extension of the operating period of commercial power reactors, enacted in November 2013, requires evaluation of the proof stress of the concrete structures of nuclear power plants operated...
Despite best efforts, safety measures cannot completely guarantee prevention of high magnitude accidents, which  sometimes do occur. With this in mind, it is therefore necessary that countries and organisations, are fully prepared, in order to reduce the impact of...
Acceptance testing in the nuclear industry (Factory, Site, Operational, etc.), are tests conducted to determine if the requirements of a specification, nuclear safety and contract are fully met. Each system should be assigned a classification, then checking is performed on...


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