Peak Temperature Recorded on Antarctic Peninsula at 18.3C Exceeded


The reading, taken on Thursday 5th February 2020, by Argentine research base Esperanza on the continent’s north-west tip, is 0.8C hotter than the previous peak temperature of 17.5C, in March 2015 at the same location, has now been exceeded. 

Esperanza Temperature Reading – Thursday 5th February 2020

While 18.3C is a record for the Antarctic continent, the record in the wider Antarctic region – which includes the continent, islands and ocean that are in the Antarctic climatic zone, is 19.8C which was recorded on Signy Island January 1982.

WMO will set up expert panel to verify new record temperature for the #Antarctic continent reported by @SMN_Argentina of 18.3°C on 6 Feb at Esperanza research base. Latest news on this and Antarctic glaciers at

Animation of T850 in °C (temperature at 850hPa) showing this heat wave over the Antarctic Peninsula.