NSC Arch Chernobyl, Annular Space Inspection – 2 February 2016


Inspection of the New Safe Confinement (NSC) Annular Space, with EBRD – 2 February 2016.

1. Colin Ross and Mac in the Annular Space.
2. Part of the Main Crane System (MCS), view looking down from the Annular Space.
3. Annular Space.
4. Annular Space.
5. Annular Space.
6. Annular Space.
7. Main Crane System (MCS) Maintenance Garage, view from the Annular Space.
8. Descending from the annular space, New Safe Confinement, Chernobyl.
Anthony James Addington-Barker
9. Simon Evans (foreground) and Anthony James Addington-Barker (Background) Chernobyl.
Anthony James Addington-Barker, Simon Evans and Colin Ross, Chernobyl New Safe Confinement
10. Annular Space Inspection – 2 February 2016
11. Simon Evans EBRD Nuclear Safety.