NSC Arch Project Site Inspection – 21 November 2013.


NSC (New Safe Confinement) Arch, site inspection, Chernobyl, 21 November 2013.

By 21 November 2013, the East Arch section – the first of the two half’s of the NSC main structure – was self-supporting on its sliding foundations with no further jacking required, although piling work in the South trench continued for the remaining sliding foundations.

NSC East Arch section with jacking towers partly removed – 21 November 2013.
Colin Ross inspecting the NSC East Arch section – 21 November 2013.
Background centre left, temporary Shielding Wall, centre right Turbine Hall, top centre background (atop V-Block), new Vent Stack with the larger old Vent Stack partly removed. Foreground, NSC Arch sections, showing one of the connection brackets – 21 November 2013.
One (1) of four (4) NSC Arch tower cranes used in the assembly process (far right) and jacking tower (off centre right) – 21 November 2013.

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Abbreviations, Terms & Acronyms – NSC Arch, Chernobyl.
NSC  –   New Safe Confinement.
OS    –   Object Shelter 
ChNPP   –   Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
MCS    –   Main Crane System 
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