Nuclear Projects

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Key listing of nuclear project management involvement in order of completion (none exhaustive):

ISF-2 – Interim Spent (Nuclear) Fuel Dry Storage Facility. Including hot cell, remote handling, and spent fuel storage. Chernobyl. The Facility was handed-over to SSE ChNPP 14 January 2020 – hot tests are due to commence during summer 2020.
ISF-2 – Interim Spent (Nuclear) Fuel Dry Storage Facility Hot Cell.
THE CHERNOBYL NEW SAFE CONFINEMENT - NSC ARCH NSC – New Safe Confinement Facility. Including technical buildings, instrument and control, main crane system (remote handling) and all supporting systems. Chernobyl. The Facility was handed-over to ChNPP 10 July 2019.
TUK-108 Spent Fuel Flask (nuclear submarine decommissioning programme) Phase 1 – FMEA and HAZOP’s (Impact, withstand and shielding assessments for transport and long term storage), Andreeva Bay, Russia 2007.
Nuclear submarine decommissioning option study and process development for the removal and processing of nuclear fuel and dismantling of submarine compartments. Including waste processing hot cell (remote handling) and short term storage facility, Andreeva Bay, Russia 2006 – 2007.
SRP 206 – Solvent Recovery Plant. Including hot cells and waste handling systems. Decommissioning programme. Sellafield, UK.
BCD – Burst Can Detection reactor repair project (remote operations) – Repair of the BCD systems within the biosphere of reactor 1 & 2 which were fractured due to thermal cycling using SNAKES & HDM robotic manipulators. Wylfa Wales, UK.
H7837 & H7840 nuclear storage ponds decommissioning. Hunterston A, Scotland, UK.